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Dedicated Events Specialists At Your Service

Our professional but personal approach to event planning has established Pontins Events as the firm favorite amongst organisers and event holders alike.

With a versatile and knowledgeable team we are able to draw from a wide variety of expertise to ensure the best outcome for your event and provide you with the support that you need to make it a huge success.

Alongside providing you with the perfect platform to execute your event, we will also partner you with an event specialist with whom you can share your ideas and vision. Your event specialist will then provide you with specialist support, advice and logistical knowhow from conception to completion of your event.


Lisa GregoryEvent Sales Manager
With over 15 years event management, sales & marketing experience within the hospitality sector. We provide a dynamic and creative approach to events offering a variety of in-house services open to you. We work across a variety of event sectors and will assist you from pre-to-post operational stages. We are driven by creative ideas and can communicate and nurture your event. Our down-to-earth sales team are experts in their field and will look after your business with precision, passion and dedication.

So, whatever stage you are at, whether you’re a brand new event who needs an experienced hand to guide you or an established provider, get in touch with our specialist event team.

TEL: 01704 882645
EMAIL: lisa.gregory@pontins.com

Kelly BondEvent Specialist
Having hosted events worldwide as both a performer and an event executive, my passion for theatre and the arts allows me to assist my clients in making the biggest impact possible with their events. I pride myself on perseverance and a genuine desire to build rapport with everyone I work with, tackling each new challenge with gusto and a big smile, striving to deliver with excellence.

TEL: 01704 882629
EMAIL: kelly.bond@pontins.com

Rachel BrookesEvent Specialist
Following multiple successful positions across the marketing and media industry I am able to utilise my skills within my role as an event specialist by optimising the events sales through my help and knowledge of multiple media platforms.
With a passion for events and a friendly approach to organising them, I strive to help make your vision a reality!

TEL: 01704 882625
EMAIL: rachel.brookes@pontins.com

Simon RonaldEvent Specialist
With over 25 years experience within the travel and customer services industry, my determination is to ensure that an event works for the event organiser. I am extremely analytical and thorough in all I do, so I work hard to make sure the event is viable and cost effective to both parties. You bring the vision and artistry, and I will bring my abacus and together we will bring your event to life. I want to see events grow from small acorns, into a great oak tree, to be in our calendar year after year.

TEL: 01704 882652
EMAIL: simon.ronald@pontins.com

Mark VannerEvent Specialist
Over 20 years experience in the Sports and leisure sectors, always striving to give a top class customer service in a professional and friendly manner.

TEL: 01704 882624
EMAIL: mark.vanner@pontins.com

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